Want Les Essentiels

Flagship Montreal

The boutique’s interior design draws upon WANT’s roots in travel, taking cues from mobile spaces like airports and train stations, airplane cabins and metro cars. Functional, timeless, and modular, the space complements WANT’s minimalist wardrobe for the modern traveller.

WANT has collaborated with Montreal-based design agency Rainville Sangaré to bring this vision to life. The agency has used its expertise in craftsmanship and raw materials to design a minimalist interior centred around a sleek stainless steel composition. The omnipresence of the material throughout the boutique results in an adaptive space with an atmospheric quality. The boutique’s furniture references the precise construction of classic commercial aircraft while the space’s focal point, a sculptural shelving unit presenting the WANT capsule wardrobe, takes inspiration from airport baggage carousels. The stainless steel interior of WANT’s Montreal flagship is punctuated by a solid wood furniture crafted by Rainville Sangaré. Part of a series titled “Retailles”, these unique pieces are made from discarded wood recuperated from the manufacturing of furniture. “Retailles” is part of an ongoing project for the studio to recycle waste material into new objects.