Bibiko Restaurant


Bowl, Tumbler and Pot are a trio of functional ceramics made to measure for the Bibiko restaurant in Montreal. It echoes the refinement of traditional Asian porcelain whilst embracing the imperfections of wheel throwing ceramics.

The ceramics offer a cozy grip on the objects and a rich tactility to the touch. The finish combines a white glaze on a rough and natural finish. The glaze is dipped in different proportions in relation to the intended function of the object.

The dinnerware set was designed in conjunction with the interior architecture of the restaurant. The objects complement the food portion offering as well as the built environment. It is designed to be durable and tough to stand long term service cycles of a busy restaurant.

The smiling face logo was embossed at the bottom of the bowl to congratulate you when you finish your bowl. The ceramics are handmade in Montreal by A+J Métissage.