Quartz Co.

Flagship Store

Rainville Sangaré has put forward its expertise in noble materials and manufacturing processes to create a store offering a unity between the presentation of products and the physical and visual comfort sought by the customer. In addition to the furniture, the studio has among other things designed a system of stainless steel poles using no welding; instead, it uses friction and tension to hold the hook bar in place. The hardware and the attachment mechanisms are left exposed for the precision of a job well done. Ash is used because its texture contrasts with the surrounding materials and adds a touch of warmth to the space. The wood species used is sourced locally and FSC certified.

By combining industrial precision with artisan sensibility, the design is reminiscent of the way Quartz Co. designs and manufactures its coats. The interior details have met this quest for the main fact that highlights the brand for high-end products. With the coats being locally known, the design choices must tell this story as well. This is why the teams opted for materials such as ash, the most common wood species on the island of Montreal, and solid industrial materials, such as concrete and stainless steel.

Quartz Co., a company specializing in the manufacture of winter coats made in Canada, called on A +, Blanchette Architectes and Rainville Sangaré to develop its first brand space. The design and production of the furniture for the showroom and the store were signed by Rainville Sangaré while the architecture of the place was carried out by Blanchette Architects. The two firms provided interior design, closely overseen by the Quartz Co. marketing team.

The layout of the space staged on one side, the sewing workshop on the street, proudly saluting the local manufacture of the Quartz Co. brand. On the other side, there is a shop featuring a game. of light, mirrors, grids and frames developed by Blanchette Architectes and custom-made furniture by Rainville Sangaré. The mirrored walls, inhabited by hanging niches, offer an alternating perception of space, allowing a double reflection, thus making it easier to try on clothes.


Interior design

Quartz Co., Blanchette Architectes and Rainville Sangaré


A +


Rainville Sangaré