Gray house

The Gray House is a cozy living space.

For this residential renovation and expansion project, the original 1960s brick house has been significantly enhanced with a mezzanine to generously accommodate the family of five residing there.

The amenities of the Gray House are distributed on half-levels within the vast new volume created by the architect. Within this envelope, SANGARE studio unfolds intimate spaces with fluidity, adorned with natural materials in soft tones.

The high arch on the facade marks the threshold of a vaulted entry sequence leading to an open double-height living space, naturally illuminated by a zenith skylight and large windows opening the rear facade to the garden. The subtly scattered curved walls in the residence encourage turning corners as one moves through the spaces.

The Gray House offers its inhabitants a welcoming place to gather and connect. Approached with sensitivity, this project reflects the clients’ desire to welcome visitors with warmth and generosity.





Gagnier Villeneuve