Platform Los Angeles

Goodee has enlisted SANGARE studio to design and manufacture their upcoming Pop-up at Platform, located in Los Angeles. This natural collaboration between two BCorp entities sharing values and missions has led to the creation of a reusable concept that emphasizes sustainability, ethical design, and creativity.

The concept revolves around the themes of travel, freight transport, and encounters while highlighting craftsmanship. To bring this vision to life, it drew inspiration from cargo containers that traverse the world, transporting goods of all kinds. These cargo containers embody the concepts of movement, discovery, and opening up to new horizons.

Clémentine Dufaut’s illustrations are at the core of the unique aesthetics of our Pop-up. Every detail, every visual element, has been carefully designed to accentuate and showcase the handmade and authentic aspects of the products.

As a certified BCorp member, their collaboration with Goodee and the creation of this Pop-up in Los Angeles demonstrate their shared commitment to corporate social responsibility. They firmly believe that businesses have a crucial role to play in building a more sustainable and ethical future. This Pop-up is a concrete example of how businesses can join forces to promote positive values and inspire change.



Clementine Dufaut