Boutique Hotel Montreal

Simplissimmo enlisted the services of SANGARE Studio and AWP (AS WE PROCEED) to jointly conceptualize the experience of a hotel located in a former food wholesaler warehouse in the Old Port of Montreal.

This self-service, 24-room hotel is named after its two owners and childhood friends. Eliciting the history of its owners, the David Hotel brings together elements that evoke the human and friendly relationship that binds them: the backgammon game (a favorite of the two friends), the hand-shaped fixtures in the hallways, and even the head of a Greek David statue used to adorn the reception area. This statue also symbolizes David’s struggle against Goliath and serves as a metaphor for this boutique hotel facing the giants of the hotel industry in the Montreal metropolis.

Adhering to a monomaterial aesthetic throughout the various spaces of the hotel, from the entrance hall to the interiors of the 24 suites, the David Hotel presents a clear visual direction carried by the CEMENTO concrete finish developed for the project by the Montreal-based company LHV. The almost exclusive use of this desaturated and mineral-like material is punctuated by changing colors brought by the use of dichroic films on the glass elements of the project, especially in the lighting of the corridors and shower partitions.

With the aim of fostering gatherings, private events (birthdays, cocktail parties, etc.), and long-term corporate stays, the 1200 square feet of each hotel suite were designed to be generous and functional. To emphasize the spacious living space of the suites, a single gesture combines the main pieces of furniture, such as the bed, the kitchen, and the daybed. The bathroom is open, accentuating the sense of spaciousness and making certain accessories like the wardrobe, vanity, and mirror easily accessible from the sleeping area. All custom-designed furniture and accessories were manufactured on the island of Montreal by the design team.



As We Proceed